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Teach Your Kids Online Safety

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Teach Your Kids Online Safety
Internet is highly accessible to anyone who has computer at home, including your kids. It is important to teach your kids internet safety in relation to posting personal information, chatting with friends, meeting people or playing games.
The following are some tips for parents to educate their children on internet safety :

 Encourage your kids to share their Internet experiences with you.
Inform your kids to tell you anything that they feel uncomfortable about on the Internet.
If your kids visit chat rooms, use instant messaging (IM) programs, online games, or other activities on the Internet that require a login name to identify themselves, help them choose that name and make sure it doesn't reveal any personal information about them.
Insist that your kids never give out your address, phone number, or other personal information, including where they go to school or where they like to play.
Teach your kids that the difference between right and wrong is the same on the Internet as it is in real life.
Show your kids how to respect others online. Make sure they know that rules for good behavior don't change just because they're on a computer.
Insist that your kids respect the property of others online. Explain that making illegal copies of other people's work—music, video games, and other programs—is just like stealing it from a store.
Tell your kids that they should never meet online friends in person. Explain that online friends may not be who they say they are.
Teach your kids that not everything they read or see online is true. Encourage them to ask you if they're not sure.
Control your children's online activity with advanced Internet software. Parental controls can help you filter out harmful content, monitor the sites your child visits, and find out what they do there.
Do not allow them to post pictures of themselves or family members.
Never give out password or credit card number to anyone.
Never accept gift offers or accept invitations to your house.

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